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To participate in Head Start and Early Head Start programs, families must be income and age eligible.  Tri-County Head Start serves prenatal moms and children birth through four years of age.  Foster children, families who are currently receiving FIP or families in a homelessness situation at time of application are automatically considered income eligible.

The 2016 Federal Income Guidelines are:

Family Size Income can be at or below
1 $ 11,880.00
2 $ 16,020.00
3 $ 20,160.00
4 $ 24,300.00
5 $ 28,440.00
6 $ 32,580.00
7 $ 36,730.00
8 $ 40,890.00

To find out if your family is eligible to receive services, call 235-0383 or complete the following information and submit.  A staff member from Tri-County Child and Family will contact you regarding this pre-application.  Thank you for your interest in the Head Start program.

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